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Every single website available on the internet let it be one page or hundred pages served from any corner of the globe for any individual, business or organization needs to be
hosted somewhere on the server. Basically, there are two main steps in getting your website running on the web (internet).

Step 1. Deciding on domain name for which a website needs to be built. eg: www.mopacstudios.com

Step 2. Once the domain name is secured a web design company like ours builds a website as per customer specifications and requirements. Which then needs to be uploaded
and hosted on the server regardless of server location.

There are tonnes of domain and hosting providing companies available on the internet offering great plans and prices. Choice is yours what best suites you and your business
needs. If you would like us to make decision for you for domain and hosting provider we will be happy to help. We offer great domain and hosting plans on Windows and Linux
platform for all our esteemed clients.

Would you like to discuss domain and hosting plans, please click here

Contact Us: info@mopacstudios.com