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We offer flexible payment options to our clients. Payment plan depends on the size and duration of the project. We have made payment process easier and simpler as below once the
potential project is agreed upon and contract documentation is signed and completed. Invoices will be sent accordingly.

Payment Process:

Step 1. We would require 40% of the total project cost on start of the project

Step 2. We would follow deliverable-based payment model depending on size of the project. eg: If two deliverables then payment will be divided
accordingly 25% payment on first deliverable and the other 25% on second deliverable

Step 3. Remaining payment of 10% on successful completion of the project


Payment Mode:

Online payment (preferred). eg: Wire transfer, paypal, etc. Detailed instructions will be provided along with contractual document.

If you would like to review our simple project process, please click here

Contact Us: info@mopacstudios.com